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While your visiting check out the Arts in Little Elm. We have many artists, photographers, musicians and artisans that live in the area year around. There is a free Gallery just across the street from Little Elm Beach inside of Cadillac Art & Frame and our Annual Festivals often feature our artist's work.

Little Elm Arts

Be sure to visit and enjoy the Arts in our area. Within walking distance of Little Elm Beach you can enjoy some our area's finest live music, artists, photographers and artisans. Area festivals and events often feature a variety of local music and the booths feature our area artists and artisans. Check out Cadillac Art & Frame just across the street to enjoy our area's first Gallery.

Opportunities For Area Artists and Artisans


Many of Little Elm's festivals live music and events feature low cost booths and area Artists and Artisans are always welcome to display their creations. The area features a Gallery
inside of Cadillac's just within walking distance of Little Elm Beach. Here is a short list of some of the Art's that is available within a short distance of Little Elm Beach.

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  • Artists
  • Photographers
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Cadillac Art & Frame

850 W. Eldorado #200, Little Elm, Tx75068

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