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Does your business serve the Beach area or LakeFront District?

Wanna see your businees or product on the site?

I visited area businesses in 2015 - 2017 to discuss their budgets, goals and products. What I found was small businesses with some very unique products all hoping to capitalize on the Little Elm Beach crowd but with very small budgets.


Creating an enterprise level website that serves both the purpose of promoting Little Elm Beach but also allowing area business for a small subscription fee be seen here. Utilizing our success with Google Maps during the Summer 2016-2017 garnering 300,000+ hits in only a few months and setting records with Google your business can be easily seen here.


Summer Special $100/month

  • List your business on (under multiple categories)
  • Full feature display of your color logo
  • Splash Page with full color photos of menu items, Google Maps and Google Reviews
  • Link to your website
  • Be listed in the top positions on Google and Bing within 24 hours
  • Receive 5 social media posts x 5 social media platforms each week includes: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and more...
  • Get mentioned as a sponsor on our Facebook Live Videos


  • Large Horizontal Banner Ads Located Mid Home Page $250/mo subscription

  • Medium Vertical Banner Ads Located Top of Home and Subpages $150/mo subscription.

  • Small Vertical Banner Ads Located on the Top Mid and Bottom of the Home Page and Subpages $75/mo subscription.

  • Get your product listed such as 'Awesome Taco', 'Beach Delivery', 'Sandwich Culture' or 'Area Cusine'. Need a new category? Just Ask. $50/mo subscription.

  • Get your business or event listed with an indepth splash page that includes professional photography, 500 word write up, menu inclusion, link to your website, Google Maps Link, Social Media Links and Google Reviews Links. $200 one time charge.


  • Our promo t-shirts - we will be giving away limited quantities of promo shirts at every event at Little Elm Beach. For a small subscription fee your business can be included at every event. $50 (starting Dec 1)


Is space limited? Yes the Horizontal and Vertical Ad space is limited. Only 5 businesses will be allowed a 5 click rotation on each space.

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