Hydrous Wake Boarding

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Hydrous Wake Boarding in Little Elm

Just East of Little Elm Beach is Hydrous Wakepark you can't miss it on the Southside of Eldorado. Hydrous Wakeparks is a multi-location cable wakeboarding training facility, focused on producing the best wakeboarders in the area! Our unique overhead cable system is used to pull the riders around a 10-acre lake. This style of wakeboarding allows for an optimal wakeboard experience providing riders with a great sense of joy and accomplishment that only the sunshine and cool waters at Hydrous can provide. Each park is accommodated with multiple beginner training lakes designed specifically to teach and help aid first time riders in the process of getting up and riding the wakeboard!

280 E Eldorado Parkway
Little Elm, TX 75068
Phone: (214)310-1105

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